19/6/2015 – 21/6/2015


In het weekend 19-21 juni 2015, kwamen de Reuzen van Royal de Luxe naar Antwerpen. Op de Grote Markt aangekomen, gaf Oma Reus een speech. Deze werd vertaald door Warre Borgmans (één van m’n favoriete acteurs). De andere reus lag ondertussen in dromenland in het stadspark. Later op de middag ging oma reus wandelen langs de kaaien, soms in haar rolstoel, met pijp en al.



This weekend, friday june 19th to sunday june 21st, De Reuzen (The Giants) of Royal de Luxe visit Antwerp. However it’s already their third visit to Antwerp, for me it was the first time that I had the opportunity to go watch them. Friday at 12:00 my mother and I started to look for them. On social media and internet we found hints that “oma” (grandmother) was at the Meir. When we arrived at the shopping street, she had already moved to the Grote Markt. A lot of people gathered at the marketplace around the giant. Luckily we were on time to hear her speech, which was performed in the giant’s interstellar language, translated into dutch by one of our famous actors, Warre Borgmans. I made a video:



When she went to sleep, we searched for the other giant. He was asleep at the stadspark (city park). At 17:00 we had the chance to see oma driving her wheelchair, walking and smoking (!). Fabulous! Whenever they come back, for sure I’ll be there!