Top 5 tallest buildings of Antwerp

This post was previously published on my other blog about architecture: archixplore. As said there, the height of a building appeals to the imagination. The height of the cathedral is the first thing you learn when you study for become a tourist guide, basically basic information. So here is a list of the five tallest buildings in Antwerp.

1. Cathedral of our Lady

123 meter

Antwerp, Groenplaats 21

2. Farmer’s Tower

95,8 meter

Antwerp, Schoenmarkt 35

3. Antwerp Tower

87 meter

Antwerp, De Keyserlei 5

4. Park Tower

78,8 meter

Antwerp, Ellermanstraat 61

5. London Tower

76,6 meter

Antwerp, Londenstraat 60

Top 5 tallest buildings of Antwerp


This article first appeared on my other site about architecture in and around Antwerp: archiplore.

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