03/09/2015 – 14/02/2016






First, I have to admit: I’m not a girlie-girl and/or a shoe-addict. I mostly wear snickers in the most weird colours: I’ve had yellow, green-blue and now blue with a glitter – maybe a bit girly ;o) .

Since September there’s an expo about shoes in the Fashion Museum in Antwerp (Modemuseum): Footprint. As I try to visit every expo in town, I went to have a look.  I never expected it, but I was amazed by the shoes I wanted to wear (shoes with art from Keith Haring! Where can I buy these?).




Black background

It’s a beautifully organised expo, completely in black (like the Dries van Noten expo before, did they re-use the backgrounds?). You can see pumps worn by Marilyn Monroe, and also shoes designed by Belgian designers and even by an artist like Ai Weiwei!



If you have the opportunity: go and see it. Even the man who went with us to the expo seemed to like it… I’m not saying take your boyfriends, mine wouldn’t like it, even if there are cool sneakers to see…

More info on the website of MOMU and extra: a video about the opening: