Coffee with Nottebohm

Op de koffie bij Nottebohm

Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience

Hendrik Conscienceplein 4, Antwerp

30/01/2016 – 13/03/2016 


Coffee walk

Since a few months I’m working on a new tour: a coffee tour in Antwerp. Coffee bars are all around, 90% of the people drink it and Antwerp is the largest port for the storage of coffee. Reading more and more about coffee, I discovered a fascinating world of kings, countries and tales.

In January I saw that there would be an exposition about coffee in the Conscience Library. I asked the organizers if it would be possible to be a guide for this exposition. I thought they would never say yes, but they did! I’m so happy to contribute to this great exhibition and it’s an extra to the coffee walk. 

Visiting for coffee

In this expo you can learn everything about the coffee roasters in Antwerp. Rombouts, Pelican Rouge, St. Michel are some of the companies that are featured here. There’s also a part for chicory, the substitute for coffee during the world wars.

The expo is a part of ‘Antwerpen Koekenstad‘. Each year they organise a chocolate week and a pastry week and an exposition connected to chocolate and pastries.

Don’t forget to look around! The exposition is located in the Nottebohm Room of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library. This is a hidden gem which is only opened for expositions or heritage days.


Op de koffie bij Nottebohm


Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience, Nottebohmroom

Antwerp, Hendrik Conscienceplein 4

30/01/2016 – 13/03/2016

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