18/2/2016 – 17/4/2016




Although it’s only march, I’m quite busy with guided tours. Since a few months I’m an official guide for the ‘Museum aan de Stroom’ or MAS. I guide the architectural tour and the MAS-tour (a 2h tour which will lead you through the museum as a teaser). I also try to guide the expositions that the museum organizes, and that are interesting of course.

My first exposition in the MAS I’m a guide for, is Body Art. Not only tattoos and piercings, but also make-up, scarification and surgical changes are featured here.


I hope you enter the exhibition at the start of the video, which plays in the first room. This video is in my top 5 of the expo. It’s made by Vichy as a sort of publicity for their products.


The guides of the exhibition had the opportunity to have a talk with Orlan. She’s a French artist born as Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte. Since 1994, Orlan has been creating a digital photographic series titled “Self-Hybridizations,” where her face merges with past facial representations (masks, sculptures, paintings) of non-western civilizations. Three works of this series are shown here.

BodyArt3Scarification, Piercings & Surgical changes

The question of the makers of Body Art is:

Why do people change their body?

The exhibition mentions six reasons: personal, group, show, unique, beauty, and spiritual. There are royal stories (a princess with an anchor tattooed on her upper arm), but also dramatic stories (a grandson who tattooed his grandfather’s concentration camp number). Every decorated person is showing his or her personality.

Some personal stories about body art:


Tattoo Shop

If you’re still not convinced: there’s a tattoo artist working live during the exhibition. If you want to be tattooed in the MAS, you can make a reservation with the artist himself.